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Damascus Foundation Inc.has been leasing from the Provincial Government of Bulacan a parcel of land that have come to be known as Damascus Compound. Our 25 year lease will expire in five years time(2022). Last year an anonymous donor gave us funds to buy a parcel of land beside our existing facility in the event our lease will not be renewed.
Our goal is to be able to start construction on the land ,a multi-purpose building to be used for our several on-going projects.The target amount for this building is 10 million pesos.

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About Us

Damascus Foundation Inc. is a nonstock, non-profit foundation located in Dona Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan. It was started in 1997 on a patch of land leased by the Local Government of Bulacan.

It is a home for drug dependents, street children and individuals with behavioral problems. We cater mostly to charity cases; youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in our country. These youth have gone in to drug use, most common of which are inhalants (industrial glue, solvents), marijuana and meta amphetamines, A lot of them have been pushed to their drug use due to poverty, peer pressure, lack of parental guidance and support or as an escape from societies woes.

Damascus has also established a Feeding and Learning Center that serves as a day care center. There are preschool classes held five times a week every morning from 8am to 11am in preparation for kindergarten, as we follow a structured and dynamic learning atmosphere. We also provide free healthy food at snack and lunchtime for these undernourished children. 
In addition after every school year we choose from some of our graduated scholars to provide them with free school supplies for their formal education.

We have also initiated a few livelihood projects to help to empower the unfortunate and unprivileged. One group of clients are the parents from the DLC, the others are the residents of the Rehab and Reformation Center.

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Get in touch with Dots for Damascus to learn more about our work and find out how to donate. We appreciate your support!

Pulong Sampaloc, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan, 3009

+63917 8888748

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